The College building is very spacious, four storied building exclusively fof Pharmacy with Wi-Fi facility . All the facilities like Office, Principal's chamber, Library, Laboratories, Classrooms, seminar Hall, Faculty rooms, Girls common room, animal house, Medicinal plant garden, Power backup 50 KV, Parking and other facilities etc.,are well planned . Library is a centre for enrichment of knowledge and for creative ideas and thoughts. The Library is a spacious big hall with neat furniture. Good number of text and reference books are provided. Scientific journals, magazines and e-resources (e-books,e-journals and e- database) are also provided. However it is a continuous process of adding new books every year.

Lecture Halls & Class Rooms

For all the courses lecture halls / class rooms are provided for each year of the course. There are four lecture halls for B.Pharm course and five lecture halls for Pharm.D and five class rooms for M.Pharm courses.


Laboratories for all the courses are made available  and well equipped with latest models of equipment ,Glassware and Other necessities. All the laboratories are spacious and well ventileted


1. Pharmacognosy Lab
2. Microbiology Lab
3. HAPHE Lab
4. Pharma Engineering Lab
5. Pharmaceutics Lab I
6. Pharmaceutics Lab II
7. PharmaChemistry Lab I
8. PharmaChemistry Lab II
9. Pharma Analysis Lab
10. Instrumentation Lab
11. Pharmacology Lab
12. M.Pharm Ph.Chemistry I Lab
13. M.Pharm Ph.Chemistry Lab II
14. M.Pharm Ph.Cognosy Lab I
15. M.Pharm Ph.Cognosy Lab II
16. M.Pharm Ph.Ceutics Lab I
17. M.Pharm Ph.Ceutics Lab II
18. M.Pharm Ph.Cology Lab I
19. M.Pharm Ph.Cology Lab II
20. M.Pharm Ph.Analysis Lab I
21. M.Pharm Ph.Analysis Lab II
22. Machine Room
23. Central Computer Lab
24. Animal House

Computer Facilities

No. of Computers
Hard ware configuration
Intel Core i5

Software Packages

200 Mbps for unlimited hours
No. Systems connected by LAN

Major Equipment & Research Facility

1. FTIR: - (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer)
2. UV: - Visible Double beam Scanning Spectrophotometer - 5
3. HPLC - (Shimadzu - Isocratic)
4. HPLC - (Shimadzu - Gradient)
5. Environmental test Chamber
6. Column Chromatography
7. Tablet  Machine – Rotary – 10 stationed 
8. Laminar Air flow unit
9. Research Microscope with camera
10. Soxhlet Extractors
11. Reaction Vessels & Assemblies
12. Auto Analyzer

13. CNS  Activity Screening Equipment (Pharmacology)
14. Probe Sonicator
15. Brook field viscometer
16. Zoom stereo microscope
17.Tablet Dissolution testing Apparatus – USP model (Electro Lab)
18.Tablet Dissolution testing Apparatus – USP model (Electro Lab)
19.Tablet Dissolution testing Apparatus – USP model (Lab India)
20. Digital automated hardness tester
21. Tablet Disintegration Apparatus (Electro Lab)
22. Tablet Disintegration Apparatus (Electro Lab)
23. Tablet Disintegration Apparatus (Lab India)
24. Cold centrifuge
25. Central computing facilities with Internet & LAN



Type of Software


Name of the Software

Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Research(Ph. Analysis)
Research(Ph. Analysis)
Research(Ph. Analysis)
Drug Discovery
Pharmacology experiments

Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery
Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery
Chemsketch 6

Open Babel
Autodock 4.2.6
MGL Tools 1.5.8

Maestro 11.5

Data warrior  Beta


Auditorium & Seminar Halll

New Auditorium has been constructed in the campus by the G.Pulla Reddy Charities trust. The auditorium has 400 seating cpacity and with ultra modern facilities. Seminar Hall can accommodate about 300 students and equipped with audio visual aids.


Indoor Games – Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess etc.

Outdoor games – volley ball, shuttle etc.

Other Facilities

1. Solar System (50KWP)

2. Generator

3. Lift



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