Non- Teaching Staff

The non teaching staff of the college are also equally important in running the college in smooth and effective way. The college has very senior, sincere, dedicated and committed non teaching staff , who are contributing to the achievements and success of the college.

Mr. K. Naga Raju, Office Superintendent
Mr. V.Seshadri, Sr. Assistant
Mr. M. Rajender Reddy, Accountant
Mr. P.Chandra Sekhar, Librarian
Mr. K.Govinda Rajulu, Store Keeper
Mr. S.Venkatesham, System Admin
Mr. P.Krishna Reddy, Computer Operator
Mr. P.Ramarao, Office Supporting Staff
Mr. L.Sateesh Kumar, Lab. Assistant
Mr. K.Monachary, Lab. Assistant
Mr. J.Srinivasulu, Lab. Assistant
Mr. V.Srinivasan, Lab. Assistant
Mr. Ramanji Reddy, Lab. Assistant
Mr.P.Mahender, Lab. Assistant
Mr.Y.Venkatesh, Lab. Assistant
Mrs. K. Aruna, Lab. Assistant
Mr.Linganna, Lab. Attender
Mr. Shankar, Lab Attender
Mr. B.Linganna, Lab Attender
Mrs. G.Sujatha, Supporting Staff
Mrs.G.Latha, Supporting Staff
Mrs.C.Vijaya Sri, Supporting Staff
Mrs. E. Aruna, Supporting Staff
Mrs.B. Padma, Supporting Staf
Mr.V.Sidhaiah, Office Supporting Staff
Mrs.Babitha, Supporting Staff
Mrs.M.Narayanamma, Supporting Staff

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